Jaycar Maker Hub

Jaycar’s Maker Hub located on Level 1 in Central Park Mall invites customers of all ages to explore what’s possible with technology.

The Maker Hub encourages customers to take part in workshops, challenges, attend events and even use 3D printers with their own projects, whether they are a tech expert or a beginner.

Details of the workshops and events scheduled for August are below. Keep an eye on this page, which will be updated with new activities each month and make sure you book your place via Eventbrite

Sphero Preschooler Fun 1 hour | $25 per ticket
Pre-schoolers will have a ball using Sphero SPRK+ to learn draw coding with shapes and colours

Sessions every Wednesday at 10:30am. Book your place here.

Workshop: Build your own Arduino-based Snake Game! Seniors, Adults + Kids. 1.5 hours | $45
Have a blast from the past! Build your own Arduino-based version of the classic phone game Snake & then PLAY! Lots of fun & yours to keep.

Sessions every Wednesday at 1:00pm, every Friday at 1:30pm, and every Sunday at 3:00pm. Book your place here

Workshop: 3D Modelling and Printing for Kids 1.5 hours | $30
Learn how 3D printers work and how to create models for 3D printing. 

Sessions every Friday at 4:00pm. Book your place here

Robotics Beginners Workshop: Wall Dodging Robot. Seniors, Adults + Kids 1.5 hours | $75
A great way to learn about robotics as you build your own wall dodging robot, powered by Arduino! Fun for all ages & you keep the robot!

Sessions every Wednesday at 1:00pm in July. Book your place here

Theory Workshop: Getting started with 3D Printing for Adults 1.5 hours | $30
Learn how 3D printers work and how to bring your files to life for those planning to buy a 3D printer or wanting to improve their prints.

Sessions every Sunday at 12:30pm in July. Book your place here.


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