Ribs & Burgers

Ribs & Burgers
Ribs & Burgers is a boutique casual dining restaurant that specialises in wholesome Ribs and Burgers, prepared, cooked and served with the most important component - love.
Ribs & Burgers offers superior quality food served fresh & cut to order. All meals are cooked with ‘real ingredients’ to ensure our customers well- being is taken care of. All meats are free range, grass fed, anti-biotic free & steroid free.
Ribs & Burgers dining experience offers you a relaxed & cosy atmosphere in a retro ambience of the traditional ‘butcher shop’, celebrating the history and phenomena of our butchers and their passion and knowledge for meat and the people who enjoy eating it.

Ribs & Burgers

Opening hours

Sunday - Thursday
11:30am - 9:00pm
Friday - Saturday
11:30am - 9:30pm

Store Location

Ribs & Burgers
RB09A, Lower Ground, The Dining District
28 Broadway, Chippendale
Contact : 02 7903 0288

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