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The Japan Foundation
R401, Level 4 via lifts
28 Broadway, Chippendale
Contact : 02 8239 0055
Bringing Japan To You
The Japan Foundation is a Japanese public organization established in 1972 in Tokyo dedicated to promoting cultural and intellectual exchange between Japan and other nations through the implementation of comprehensive international cultural exchange projects. Through its activities, it contributes to the deepening of mutual international understanding and the building of peace in the international community.
The Japan Foundation operates a number of programs, often in partnership with other organizations;
  • Arts and Cultural Exchange
  • Japanese-Language Education Overseas
  • Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange

Also prioviding opportunities to experience Japan's divirse culture, meet people with similar interests and engage with the Japanese community through;

  • Library
  • Cultural events and exhibitions 
  • Public Talks
  • Film screenings
  • Japanese Film Festival
Bringing Our Library To You
Explore our collection of over 17,000 Japan-related materials in both English and Japanese:
  • Books (fiction, non-fiction, manga)
  • DVDs & music CDs
  • Language resources
Simply sign up to start borrowing.
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