Loved Up to The Max at Max Brenner Central Park Loved Up to The Max at Max Brenner Central Park

Iconic chocolate brand, Max Brenner, has created a dramatic and deliciously indulgent dessert in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Exclusively available in Max Brenner Chocolate Bars Central Park between 1 to 29 February 2020, the mouthwatering Joconde cake encases layers of light chocolate and vanilla mousse and is presented to guests with pure melted chocolate and cookie crumbs that cascade into fresh strawberries before their eyes.

A must-try for chocolate lovers, the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar experience is better than ever, with the limited-edition dessert set to capture the heart and tantalise the senses of loved-up duo’s this Valentine’s Day. The Duo’s Dream Cake, priced at $15, is a sweet experience and the ultimate indulgence that is only available from Max Brenner Chocolate Bars during February 2020.

Unique designs that capture the heart of every chocolate lover is in everything Max Brenner does; It doesn’t stop at the Chocolate Bar. Max Brenner’s Chocolate Shop, available in store or online, let Australians continue the ever-evolving love story at home with bespoke gifts to sweeten the heart of your loved one. Everyone is invited to watch, smell, hear, taste and feel this chocolate love story.

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